Shane Christopher Owens is a character on the ONtv series, Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. The character was originated on the series, Smythewood, played by Andrew Trischitta. When the character transferred to Harpers Falls: New Beginnings, the role was filled by actor Jamie Johnston, who currently plays him.

Shane is the son of Vivienne VanCortlandt and her first husband, David Owens. For many years, he had idolized his workaholic father, but after an incident, which he NEVER talks about, nor does his mother, Shane denounced his father.

A talented writer, Shane was a whiz at English, and was one of the best writers at Penn State University. He had a high grade point average at Smythewood high School, and carried that over at Penn State. David died while Shane was at Penn State, and it took his mother to come and talk him into going to the funeral.

Not long after graduation, Shane got a job as a scriptwriter in Los Angeles, and makes very decent money, despite his wealth. When he heard about his aunt Wendy marrying Michael Harper, he was excited, and was also pleased that his cousin, Eric Whitfield would be adopted. Eric and Shane were close as brothers, since Vivienne had raised them both together.

At times, his job keeps him in Los Angeles, but he does make some visits to Boston, and he also makes visits to Florida, where Eric attends college. When he is in Boston, he is also very loyal to his new family.

He is as protective of his adopted cousin, Dylan Harper as anyone in the family. As Eric, his cousin, is Dylan's brother, Shane considers him a part of his family, and thereby will go all out for him.