It's all over for Jennifer (Charlie Brooks) when her crimes come back to haunt her!

In this pivotal episode, the malicious Jennifer is finally called on her past sins!


It is a brisk cool day in Boston. There is a clear signal that Autumn is in the air. The area is so electric along with the cooler temperatures that it is a sure sign that Thanksgiving is on the way.

However, there is a tense gathering in the Atchley Mansion's main ballroom. Everyone is watching as an angry Jennifer Barrett sits, tied up so she can't escape. She is in a very hard backed chair. She is being brutally interrogated by a cop who has come from Los Angeles. 

Libby Smas-D'Aiterio, the person who had arranged the setup, has vowed to make her arch-nemesis pay for what she did to Albie, and especially after what she pulled on Albie and Jason (she had engineered the demise of their relationship, although ended amicably), she is making good on her promise.

Not to mention this is a great opportunity to exact revenge on her for her frame-up during the infamous night when River Phoenix died at the Viper Room. (Jennifer tried to frame Libby for his death) A furious Jennifer is raging at a nonplussed Libby. 

JENNIFER: You'll pay for this, Smas!   Do you hear me?! You will absolutely pay for this, I swear it!  I will make sure you will be in prison when I'm through! 

LIBBY (she is not worried one bit about Jennifer's tirade): No, you won't, slut! And my last name is D'Aiterio. You won't do ANYTHING to me! I am holding the cards now, you're not! Don't you DARE delude yourself into thinking you are free. The exact opposite is true! You're only TEMPORARILY out of Supermax so you can be held accountable for the crimes you committed against everyone over the years!  We're here, as witnesses to make sure your humiliation is as complete and as public as possible! 

(Jennifer is so angered that she starts screaming)

JENNIFER (exploding): Statute of limitations! Haven't you ever heard of that?! It's a simple thing even for you. It's clear that I got away with everything I've done because everybody loves me!

(This infuriates Libby. She goes up to her and slaps her hard across the face. Her rage is clear.)

LIBBY (viciously): No there isn't! You listen to me, you stupid narcissist! What you are facing now have no such limitations! You're facing a long list of child neglect charges for what you did to Aidan as a child, and they were filed by CPS, which has no statute of limitations; also you're facing filing false report charges for that damned stunt you pulled on me that night at the Viper Room, and also, I am intenting on suing you for emotional distress; and for more, much more! 


LIBBY: So, you hear this! You are completely finished! And I am warning you, you waste of space, for absolutely the last time, if you even DARE to say that you got away with everything you did because everybody loves you, I swear to God, I will make sure that you will have your jaw permanently shattered! Get me?!

(Jennifer is not concerned)

JENNIFER: Burn in hell!

LIBBY (acidly): Typical! Just what I would expect from a piece of filth like you! It's astonishing! You're facing certain conviction and a prison sentence that will stretch for a long time, and all you can do is tell me to burn in hell!  Well, ya listen to me, ya cunt!  YOU'LL be burning in hell!  Not me! 

JENNIFER: You brutal bitch!  

(Libby doesn't flinch at Jennifer's cruelty)

LIBBY: No, cunt, you're worse than anyone else ever could be!

OFFICER: Mrs. D'Aiterio is right. You've thought you got away with what you did to your son, well you've not.  Your crimes have no statute of limitations. Also, you will be paying significant fines and judgments against you for what you did to these people.

JENNIFER: Do I care?!

OFFICER: You had better care. You are in for it for a long time to come. Several judgments have been rendered against you! Not only for Albie Neuenworth, thanks to his lawyer, who has won in his suit against you in the grand total of $500,000, but also to Libby.

JENNIFER: I'll appeal!

OFFICER: You have no appeal. You have been ordered to pay $25,000 to her for your slander against her.

JENNIFER: You vicious donut-chomping piece of shit! You will pay for humiliating me!

OFFICER: No, I won't. You've lost! Accept it! Now, you waste of space, get up!  Say goodbye to the outside world for a very long time.  When the legal system is finally finished with you, you're going to die in Supermax!

JENNIFER: Not if I have anything to say about it! This will not end!  I may be in Supermax, for what I did, but you will all burn in hell for all this!  

(Albie shoots a poisonous look at his arch-enemy)

ALBIE: Not quite, slag! Not now, not EVER! You're facing a laundry list of crimes; crimes of which you will most definitely be convicted of. You've been ruled against in civil courts and you owe a lot of people a whole lot of money. I think it is clear who will be burning in hell for this! You've had your way for far too long and justice is finally coming due! This day has been long overdue.  You're finished, Barrett!

(Joan comes up and shoots Jennifer Barrett a withering glare)

JOAN: I will never forgive you for what you did to my brother and Jason.  I will make sure you pay for it! 

JENNIFER: Whatever!

JOAN (furiously): Don't you DARE "whatever" me, bitch!  You'll never see the light of day again! 

(The cop grabs her collar. She is shaking with rage, realizing the jig is truly up for her now.)

OFFICER: Ms. Neuenworth, she will be charged in abstenstia for her crimes in California. But she will remain here in Boston's Supermax!  

JOAN: Good, she will never be in my brother's business again! I've contacted Kevin Halloran, an attorney in Los Angeles, and a close friend of Albie's.  He and Zachary have sat down and have made plans on how he can go on from here. 

OFFICER: Good work, ma'am. 

JENNIFER: Burn in hell, Neuenworth! 

JOAN: No, slag, you will! I will make sure you SUFFER! 

JENNIFER: Try it, you bitch!

JOAN: Don't tempt me! I swear, if you EVER mess with my brother again, you will be finished! 

(Lucia Jensen's eyes widen as she sees a gun man raise a gun)

LUCIA: Joan, look out!

(All of a sudden, a gun shot is fired.  Joan, after hearing Lucia's yell, swiftly drops down to her knees, out of the line of fire. She is rattled, but not injured! Albie runs to his sister.)

ALBIE: Joanie, are you all right?

JOAN (affectionately to her baby brother): Yeah, I am all right, Albs.  Thanks to Lucia yelling for me to drop, I live another day!

ALBIE (grinning) : I am glad. I know you too well, sis.  

JOAN: Besides, I have to keep an eye on you! (She hugs her brother) We're a team, you and I!

(A very inept hitman runs towards the door.  The security guard grabs the hitman.  He is cursing and swearing at himself for messing this up! After the initial shock has passed, everyone is laughing uproariously at a furious Jennifer.)

DYLAN (laughing): Oh, my GOD!  This is too rich to be believed! That was the worst attempt on someone I have ever seen!  Obviously he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!

SHEILA (giggling): I think he needs glasses!  Oh, wait!  He's truly blind as a bat! 

(Jennifer burns as she is being mocked and laughed at on all sides for her spectacular failure. The entire company is erupting in laughter.)

JOAN (herself laughing): Well, well, bitch! It is obvious your hitman has no aim! Enthusiasm yes, but aim? No! 

(Jennifer is truly volcanic now!)

JENNIFER (burning with fury): I'll be back! You may have been spared now, Neuenworth, but it won't last!  Your fabled luck can't hold out forever! I won't quit until you are dead!  I am going to destroy your stupid brother emotionally!  It is my dream! It is my wish, and it will come true! Donald Trump would approve of it!

(Zachary Janson holds his Albie, his strong arms protecting him. Albie, clearly in love with Zachary, looks up at his boyfriend with true gratitude and absolute love. Zachary glares at the evil woman.)

ZACHARY (holding his cherished Albie close to him): No he will not, you evil woman! You've been told by everyone here to leave my Albie alone! You will not go anywhere near him or torment him in any manner whatsoever! I am warning you, you waste of space, for absolutely the last time! If you even DARE or even THINK about trying to put any more stress or trauma on my partner, I will see to it that you are permanently destroyed! You've been warned plenty of times, and this time, we mean it.  Leave him alone, or your life will be forfeit! 


LIBBY: Well, we don't like you either, you stupid bitch! What do you think of THAT?!

(The cop hauls Jennifer out, screaming and yelling. The hitman was duly arrested. Joan is unflinching in her resolve. The attempted shooting just showed how desperate Jennifer really is and that she is finally finished. Never losing her verve, she goes to Zachary and gives him a kiss.)

JOAN: Thanks for loving Albie, Zachary. Jason told me the whole story and I understand what happened.  Jennifer had better not mess with us again. 

ZACHARY: You're welcome, Joanie.  He is very special to me. He's special to all of us. And you're right, Jennifer will NOT mess with us again.  She will certainly pay dearly if she tries it again! I talked with Kevin too, and he's coming to town. I have a feeling that he will throw a real fear of God into her!

(Joan, Zachary and Albie go out, the rest leave as well; and Jennifer, still screaming and howling, is hauled out to the Supermax!)


Jennifer is ordered to the door of her bleak cell. She is disgusted by the lack of creature comforts she had to get used to. Her cell is very spartan, and she is cut off from all communication. She can't even be exercising without those lady guards watching her! But she is even MORE disgusted by who is visiting her. It is Kevin Halloran, Albie's attorney and his big brother! His eyes burn in anger at the woman who had spent a long time tormenting Albie.

KEVIN: Well, well, well! So, THIS is the wretched cunt who has treated my little brother like dirt for all these years?!

JENNIFER: What's it to you?!

KEVIN: You know, Joanie was right about you. You are full of yourself and more than I thought! Now, you listen to me, you damned hypocrite! I am Albie Neuenworth's big brother. Joanie called me and told me what it was you had done to him all these years. I don't like ANYONE harming my Albie. He's my little brother and I love him to pieces. I am giving you fair warning right now, you miserable cunt! If I ever hear that you have tried to hurt my brother for ANY reason, I will make it my life's work to see you EXECUTED for your crimes. Joanie, Zachary and I will see to it that Albie comes back from the damage you caused him better and stronger than ever! Because we love him, and we will see him thrive! Consider this your only warning. You mess with my brother, I will personally see you finally destroyed!

JENNIFER: Bastard!

KEVIN (even angrier) Bitch! You don't want to mess around with me!

Kevin furiously storms off, his back turned to Jennifer. She doesn't care. He sees his younger brother and Zachary. Kevin walks over to Albie and gently takes him into his arms. Emotionally spent from Jennifer's pain and torment, and beyond traumatized, something breaks in Albie and he sobs brokenheartedly in Kevin's arms. Kevin gently caresses his younger brother, letting him cry. Zachary comes over and then he hugs them, and then Joan comes into the group hug. The scene slowly fades out.