Cynthia Joanne Archer is a character on the ONtv series, Harpers Falls. Originated by actress Morgan Fairchild, best known for her roles on Search for Tomorrow, Flamingo Road, The City and Fashion House, she was then played for the original series four years by Emmy winning actress Susan Lucci of All My Children. When HF: New Beginnings decided to bring the character back, and Susan Lucci was unavailable to play the role, Morgan Fairchild, the original actress to play her, signed on.

"I originated Cynthia," Morgan said, "but at first, I felt I wasn't what was to be expected, I felt I didn't fit the vision of what Albert was looking for in her, but I was thrilled when he took another look at it, and he rehired me when Susan Lucci was unavailable. He was such a fan of my character on Fashion House (she played Bo Derek's on-screen arch enemy, Sophia Blakely), and he saw me in the latest incarnation of his show as the perfect Cynthia. So, it's full circle!"

Sheila's fashion mentorEdit

Formerly one of the most successful models in the world and then a successful fashion designer, who had lived all over the world, Cynthia was born in Boston, and grew up in the slightly well-to-do suburb of Needham. Her father was a fabric salesman, whose job took him all over the Northeast; her mother was a successful former model herself, and groomed Cynthia to become a model herself. Despite that, Cynthia also took business classes, and became a successful steward of her own money.

Her first experience meeting Sheila Harper Watkins was when she was at a job fair when Sheila was a senior at her family's boarding school, Harper Academy. In Sheila, Cynthia saw herself when she was younger. The fact that she was wealthy didn't enter the equation, Cynthia admired Sheila's work ethic, and took her on as an apprentice designer.

Together, the two partners opened Archer-Watkins Designs, later to be renamed Sheila Watkins Designs. Cynthia had faith in Sheila and knew the firm was in good hands, so she sold and moved to London.

Some years later, after a few successful years in London, she returned to Boston, and rejoined Sheila Watkins Designs, this time becoming a partner again with Sheila. The firm's name remained Sheila Watkins Designs, and she also works with two other individuals, Christina Burkhardt and Linda Atchison. Cynthia is impressed with their work ethic, much like she is with Sheila, and the four women mesh well.

Cynthia has one brother named Craig, whom she adores very much. He recently moved to Boston from Hamilton, Ontario, after the death of his beloved husband, David. He and Cynthia hang out often.