Catherine Patricia Watkins (called Cathy) is a character on the series, Harpers Falls. She is played (SORASED to age 15) by Harley Graham, best known for her role as the young Aly Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. She is now off the canvas as she has moved to London and is beginning her own life in the UK, played in her final appearance by Danielle Harold.

Sheila's daughterEdit

Catherine, though she prefers to be called Cathy, is the daughter of Sheila and Allen Watkins. She gets her name from her late paternal aunt, Catherine Watkins Haller and her maternal great aunt, Patricia Wheeler, who is the matriarch of the Harper family.

She is a very sweet-natured girl. She, like her mother, is a nurturer and wants to make sure there is no fighting. She also gets that trait from her grandmother, Michelle Harper. She is closest with her cousin, Ellie Forson, but she also adores the rest of her cousins as well.

Cathy has forged a nurturing bond with her cousin, Derek Asbury Harper, which is similar to the bond that her mother, Sheila, has with Derek's father, Sheila's twin brother, Dylan Harper (which was similar to the twin-like bond that their mother, Michelle had with Dylan's adopted father, Michael).

In a lot of ways, Cathy is a very dainty girl, who is always involved with ballet. She is pleased that she, Maggie and Ellie are in the same ballet class together, which bonds them even more. She and Maggie also take Ellie under their wing to help her become less shy. Like her mother, Cathy is very much a leader.

As Cathy grew, her leadership qualities remain unquestioned, and she is also working in her family's company, Harper Industries, as an intern. Cathy also has a bond with her uncle Dylan, and she and Derek still maintain their close bond.

However, Cathy has her issues with Jolie Forson, as she, like her cousin, Courtney Sue, cannot stand to see Jolie to hurt people because of her constant need for winning at the expense of all else. Although Jolie doesn't anger Cathy, like she does her siblings, Cathy will not tolerate Jolie's hatefulness towards them.

When she turns college age, she finds out that her family has split up. The divorce was amicable, and she still loves her parents. However, she finds that she has an aunt Carmel in London. Since Cathy wanted to attend college in London, the time was right for her to move. She lives in Walford, with her aunt and her best friend, Alessandra Norwood, Ian Schroeder's younger sister, who had finally broken free from her mother and is finding her métier in the East End.