Bradley Atchison is a character on ONtv's Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. He is played by actor Dylan Neal, best known for his role on Bold and Beautiful.

Slightly Naïve but very good at financesEdit

Brad is the oldest of the three children of Ralph Atchison. He is closest to his sister, Linda; and is a whiz at finances. However, Brad is very naive in a lot of other ways. Linda made a promise to their late mother, Dawn, that she would make sure that he was taken care of.

His relationship with his younger sister, Libby, was something else again. She dictated the entire Atchison household and was sometimes in cahoots with Brad's wife at the time Alexandra Atchison.

Brad was no match for the dictator-like attitudes of his youngest sister and his wife. They also reduced Ralph to an acquiescent lump, basically letting Libby and Alexandra get away with the most shameful things. Not the least of which was that Libby had ordered the murder of Alex Corwin; a neighbor of the Atchisons, and the spouse of Dylan Harper. To add insult to injury, his own wife, Alexandra, was discovered to have been a prostitute over in the Commonwealth Avenue area.

Infuriated, Brad divorced his shallow, self-centered wife (who cheated on him whenever the whim hit her) and finally has realized that she didn't really love him at all. Because of his horrible marriage, he is more or less averse to romance at this point in time, although he has escorted Courtney Harrison in the past.

He and Dylan have a good solid friendship and the friendship he has with him helps connect the Atchison and Harper families together.

Four years after the end of his marriage, Brad came out as a gay man, and he began to casually date Craig Archer. Sometimes, he still escorts Courtney, but he and Craig are starting to become a very close couple.