Audra Renee Harper (nee Audra Donnellson) is a character on ONtv's Harpers Falls; Smythewood and Harpers Falls: New Beginnings. In all three shows, she is played by actress Cote de Pablo, who is, of course, known worldwide for her role of Special Agent Ziva David on the popular CBS series, NCIS.

Samantha's daughterEdit

Of all the Harper cousins, Audra is perhaps the most worldly and knowledgeable. She was born in Paris, France to fashion model, Samantha Harper, and her common-law husband at the time, Gabriel Donnellson, himself a successful fashion designer.

Audra was exposed to the world of high fashion from the moment she was born. She has also shown her knowledge of business.

Because of her upbringing in Paris, this kind of kept her away from the rest of her family, but she kept in touch with everyone nonetheless, via letters, phone calls and the like. She attained a special bond with her cousin, Dylan.

They had been close since they were kids, and when they got together, Dylan and Audra had a bond, akin to the bond he has with his sister, Sheila Harper Watkins.

Audra finally moved to Massachusetts and became a sounding board for Dylan, a job which she enjoys. She truly adores her cousin, and will walk over fire to protect him.

Recently, Audra discovered that she has a brother named Shawn, after not even knowing about his existence. Her work for Harper Industries as a traveling executive keeps her from being around the townhouse, but she keeps contact with her family.

It was recently revealed that Audra and Shawn are in negotiations with their Aunt Michelle to find them a job that would keep them close to the family a lot more.

Also, Audra and Shawn were surprised and pleased that their mother has married her third husband, Steven Bennett. They both love him, and they are glad he is in the family.

Despite her usual busy work schedule, she puts her family first.