ANITRA JANEECE HOLLIS (The Mrs. being a courtesy title for cooks and housekeepers, a tradition from the English) is a character on the series, Harpers Falls. She is played by actress Crystal R. Fox, best known for her roles on the series, In the Heat of the Night and her more well-known role as housekeeper Hanna Young on the series, The Haves and the Have Nots.

"I was astonished when Albert had created the role with me in mind," Crystal smiles, "he loved me on The Haves and the Have Nots, and it is fantastic that I can work with my wonderful Renee (Lawless, Marilyn) again. She and I worked often on HAHN and I am glad we can work together once more."

Dylan's cookEdit

Anitra Hollis (commonly called Mrs. Hollis) is the resident cook for the Harper family. Like most of the servants who work for Dylan and his family, she is a live-in domestic. She is a very good cook, having cooked for them for a number of years. As is also a common practice in most wealthy households, the appendage, Mrs. is added out of respect.

Anitra came on as the cook not long after Dylan and his family moved into the Louisburg Square house. She was an assistant cook at the Harper Estate, and when the estate was sold to Harper Academy, and the head cook remained there to be the school's cook; Anitra came with Dylan.

While she is known for her specialties (her southern fried chicken is a regular and constant favorite for the family), she is adept at cooking everything. Her one flaw is she makes too much for everyone, and the huge refrigerator in the kitchen is always chock full of leftovers.

Anitra also enjoys cooking for the children, and she is proud to see that they have healthy appetites. Especially Derek Asbury Harper, for whom she is often cooking for, when he gets home from School. She also enjoys making desserts for his sister, Ashley Asbury Harper, especially when she is going to special debutante events (she is currently at the age that she is coming out as a debutante).

Like the rest of the servants, Anitra is well-loved by everyone, and she is a treasure. She is also considered to be part of the family.

Recently, Mrs. Hollis found that she needed help in running the kitchen, and she gained some help in her former superior, Mrs. Howland, the Harper family's former head cook.